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The first time Heather Merritt put her healing hands on a bird, it was with a great deal of care and much fear. A great horned owl was down in a neighbors yard. The bird was very thin and very ill. With her heart and lots of research, Heather gave this lucky bird a second chance at life and flying free. That was in March of 1991 and marked the beginning of what has become her life's work.

After many hours and months of training and hands-on experience, she received her license to rehabilitate wildlife, specializing in raptors, or birds of prey. However, she rescues and rehabs all wild animals, from the tiniest hummingbird fallen from its nest, to a bald eagle poisoned by a poachers lead shot. At any given time, she may be working with more than seventy birds, providing food and medical treatment.

Her qualifications require her to maintain state and federal licenses with fees due annually. She receives some help for food while the birds are in her care, and thanks to the help from a local veterinarian very little is needed for veterinarian services.  All other costs are paid for by donations and Heather herself. 

 Birds in Flight does not receive any federal, state or city funding.

Since her facility is a sanctuary, it is not open to the public, and cannot accommodate visitors as yet.

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