Wish List

      Here are some general signs to look for....

  • A wild animal presented to you by a cat or a dog.
  • Bleeding.
  • An apparent or obvious broken wing.
  • A featherless or nearly featherless bird on the ground.
  • Shivering.
  • Evidence of a dead parent nearby.
  • Downy baby on the ground near children or animals.
  • Hopping around on the ground/unable to fly.


If an bird has any of the above signs, you should call immediately call us at 330-652-3381 
If you are traveling on the road, get the bird off the road, try to cover the bird with a blanket or jacket and look at all road signs and give us a call.
Wild birds, just like our pets, need professional care when they are sick or injured.  Broken bones and Traumatic injures or infections need immediate care.
If you think you have found an orphaned bird please call first.  Many songbird mothers will kick their babies out of the nest when they reach a certain age.  This will be the time that the parents will teach the babies what to do to survive on their own.  It is a critical time that they stay with their parents!
Please be courteous when calling.  Most rehabilitators are not paid and have few volunteers to travel and pick up the birds.  You may be asked to bring the bird to the Sanctuary, after careful handling instructions, so care is not interrupted to the other birds that are in our care.  We will take in over 500 birds yearly with many needing immediate attention, surgery and medication so your help would be appreciated. 
If you are looking for a wildlife rehabilitator that is not in Trumbull county, Portage County, Ashtabula County, Mahoning County, and Columbiana County you can call ODNR at 1-800-WILDLIFE or you can call Birds in Flight and we will find one for you.


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