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We have received a research permit and begun our project to determine how effectively one-eyed birds hunt and survive in the wild. We have begun to train and hunt using falconry techniques, working with a red tailed hawk and a rough legged hawk. Going forward, money will be needed for telemetry for further study after the birds are released. This is a study that has never been tackled before and its outcome should help State and Federal officials make decisions about the futures of injured birds: whether to euthanize, place in education, or release back into the wild. With this study, we are hoping to prove that one-eyed birds can in fact live with their freedom with one eye. This study is personal, as many of you know about Liberty, the bald eagle that was released with only one eye, and the battle that was fought for his freedom in two states. As of today, he has not come into any rehabilitation facility; that would mean that for almost three years he has lived in the wild. He was released 7/16/06.

We have also received a research permit for the study of silver on wounds and diseases. This is a study that we are very excited about and are working closely with officials from Silver Rx Pet Solutions to come up with a plan on treatment for many harmful problems that arise with sickness and injuries. We hope that with this study, we will discover successful natural remedies for birds that can replace chemical intervention.

If you would like to contribute to the One-Eyed or Silver Rx research project please visit the Paypal link below...and as always thank you for your support!

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